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Competition with Prizes worth 65,000$


We're hosting a puzzle with multiple stages. Depending on how many members decoded the puzzle before you, your puzzle points will be dependant. The faster you are at decoding the puzzle, the more points you gain!

# of Winners

4 Winners

Sailing Dates

1st till 5th of June 2023


Cannes, Antibes, Villefranche and Monaco


We got you covered! All expenses paid by us

A global decentralized yachting club led by Captain John Blackeye, gathering yacht fans, owners and visionaries
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8,200 Passes with three levels


For speculators looking to flip some extremely valuable assets


Premium members of a luxury yachting club providing a unique yachting experience in the yachtverse


The ultimate yachting experience

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Jad Comair
No. 3
No. 55
No. 97
No. 12
No. 34

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The Team

A team of tech-savvy digital natives:
Entrepreneurs, Blockchain Experts, Gifted Artists, Marketing Wizards, and Consultants.
All committed to delivering a cutting-edge yachting experience.

Jad Comair
Role at C
‍Previously: Company 1, Company 2

Founder and CEO of Melanion Capital and issuer of the first Bitcoin thematic ETF in Europe. This latest endeavor is his first step in the NFT space to launch a project that will revolutionize the yachting space.

Dru Schroer
Role at Company
Previously: Company 1, Company 2

Blockchain focused entrepreneur since 2012. Dru has built numerous NFT projects at the intersection of finance, art and technology.

Martin Dimitrov
Role at Company
Previously: Company 1, Company 2

Martin is the CEO of Retsoft Communications, a digital agency revolutionizing Web 3 marketing and community growth. Paving the way through creativity, transparency, and innovation.

Role at Company
Previously: Company 1, Company 2

Expert in social media and Discord community management, Noizeeh has years of experience in these various fields. He brings together the highest quality work in web3.

Role at Company
Previously: Company 1, Company 2

Experienced community manager & project strategist with an origin from having developed and grown among the largest stock communities in Sweden.

Ivailo Todorov
Role at Company
Previously: Company 1, Company 2

Longtime Web3 marketing and management. Building the web3 space into more transparent and innovative space.

Chandler Ebanks
Role at Company
Previously: Company 1, Company 2

A well-versed story and media writer Having written for indie development teams, Manga studios, copy writing for project marketing, and worked with charity projects.

Role at Company
Previously: Company 1, Company 2

Eneja has been working as a freelance designer for 4 years while also getting a Bachelor's Degree in Business informatics. She's also passionate about all sorts of art and trading in general. For her, NFT projects opened a new path where she can create unique art for everybody to enjoy.

Roland Nasr
Role at Company
Previously: Company 1, Company 2

Roland has been working as a business development manager at Melanion Capital. He will be helping in setting the development framework and the strategy of the project using a set of skills acquired in the traditional professional world.

About the Founder: Captain John Blackeye

Member of the elite BAYC with ID 634, Captain John Blackeye’s goal is to bring unity and fill out his crew. Blackeye hosts the greatest events and tells his immaculate stories to those who are eagerly listening.

Eager to return to his hometown and loving wife he has to face great challenges and conquest on the open sea.

The Bored Yacht

Captain John Blackeye is the owner of MY Lady Amanda, which will be the base for the launch of the Bored Yachts Club.

Yachting is one of the best ways to enjoy the sea and 30 meter/ 100 feet motor yacht Lady Amanda is one of most luxurious yachts to do it in the Mediterranean. It offers impressive leisure facilities, water toys and a comfortable, luxurious onboard experience with timeless styling, beautiful furnishings, and great seating feature throughout to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

On top of being a leading class yacht, Lady Amanda is the first "tokenized" yacht, meaning ownership of the boat is directly linked to the John Blackeye NFT. It therefore, offers a premier spot for Web 3 networking as well as entertaining with friends and family

More information about the bored yacht






Bored Fleet

Bored Marina

Bored Island

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Jad Comair
No. 3

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